Recruitment Services / Support

We take care of all your hiring needs by recruiting the right talent and improving your existing recruitment protocol with our first class recruitment strategies. We provide FULL management of the entire process from the development of job descriptions, interviewing with you at your business as well as the management of the probation appraisals so that you get the best of out of your people. We will even develop the performance documentation for you if needed!

Human Resource Consulting

Outsource your HR processes with a HR consultant based in Perth. Get the most from your HR investment and see results. We work with your people; they know us and we are part of your team. We base ourselves at your organisation to ensure we truly know your business.

Workplace Performance Management

Coaching Combinations is unique because we understand the importance of regular performance appraisals, including them as a standard follow up for all recruitment activity. We can demonstrate that ongoing self-review rather than leaving it all to the last minute provides the best results for organisations and team members.


Free Initial HR Consultation

Struggling to find the right people to join your team or with a high turnover rate? Do you feel like your time spent on HR and recruitment is a waste and not delivering the results you need? Speak to us! At Coaching Combinations we can offer you guidance and get you headed in the right direction with our no obligation, free consultation.

Get in touch to organise a catch up. There is no cost or pressure to move beyond this hour-long discussion. What do you stand to gain?