About Us

HR Consultants Perth - Emma & ElaineCoaching Combinations
is a HR Agency located in Perth, Australia. As an agency specialise in three main functions that ensure your business has highly productive teams of people best-suited to the positions they’re in to maximise profits.

Our three main focuses are:

  • Strategic HR linking performance and career goals to company goals
  • Developing and managing ALL HR processes and operations; providing support to managers at all levels
  • The recruitment of high quality people for your team- utilising our behaviours specialists to ensure you get eh right people

The Coaching Combinations team has over 17 years managing the performance and outsourced HR processes of businesses all across Australia. We have generated results in small businesses to large corporations in a range of industries including:

  • Oil & gas
  • Telecoms
  • Town planning
  • Environmental consulting & landscape architecture
  •  NDT, inspection & certification
  • Digital Marketing /IT managed services
  • Legal
  • Not for profit

Working with Coaching Combinations will result in your organisation employing the best people to begin with – reducing your turnover rate and the costs associated with training – by using a robust set of processes designed to support managers and teams to be as productive, skilled and organised as possible.

Individuals are given the opportunity to contribute and feel valued within the organisation, putting your team all on the same direction to maximise profits, and given the tools necessary to have difficult conversations in a constructive manner.

Software & HR

Just like any other industry, it is important to keep up with technology and allow it to improve your operations. Easy to use software  can set your HR processes apart.

We use a HR software that allows employees to record examples of meeting and exceeding their KPIs as they happen, rather than 6 months later in a Team member performance review when the event has long been forgotten. Coaching Combinations manages this software for all our clients and provide in-house workshops on how to get the most out of this technology to make performance appraisals a less-dreaded and more meaningful activity.