Our Values

Seeking out expert advice to give the best possible service and advice to clients

Proactive engagement with service providers to ensure the most creative, innovative and practical offerings are considered for our HR service and internal processes.

Demonstrated evidence of professional development initiatives which are directly in line with career development and company benefits.

Ability to build strong relationships both internally and externally which add value to company and self.

Taking on board all feedback given for continuous improvement

Proactively asking for feedback with a view to learning new skills, information and alternate things to consider.

Challenging the status quo and taking action based on the best possible outcomes

Consistently investigating and assessing opportunities to do things better and presenting the ideas to management.

Tough conversations are handled diplomatically and in an influential manner.

Managing mutually beneficial and lucrative relationships

When required; all efforts are made to over deliver and 'wow' clients so that they know they are our number one priority.

Client expectations are managed to ensure that there is balance between working time and personal time.

Relationships with all stakeholders and suppliers are respectful but with high expectations of delivery of service to Coaching Combinations.