Acceptance, how good are we at it when pushed?

On Thursday night I had just finished the weekly shopping with my partner and all was well with the world. I had literally just prepared my healthy raw dinner and was sitting down to get my daily dose of Grays as I love to do each week… The raw food thing is new for me and I am certainly never going to go raw totally but I am getting very healthy and loving the new way that I feel by eating a lot more raw and unprocessed foods…. I do miss some things and could write an entire blog about this……………I will…………….Another time………….

All of a sudden my night took a totally different path when I realised with horror that I was getting a migraine……….I am one of those really lucky 15% of the migraine suffering population who not only gets the killer headache and the nausea stuff but also get an extra set of steak knives with my migraines, in the form of a free aura thing immediately preceding the headache….

This is the really fun part as it gets me into gear for what’s to come over the next few hours…. It literally sends me into a mild form of panic and I have to focus very hard on accepting what’s going on and relaxing into it.

Sometimes I am better about this than others. When I get the waving eyes and the slightly distorted vision, the anxiety kicks in… I can hear my inner voice saying, be calm, it’s ok but my conscious mind is going, Oh God, here we go, don’t want this, please please please please please go away…..I know what’s to come.. Admittedly sometimes they are better than others but it got me thinking ……..

Three Days later, after I had started to recover, I found myself doing what I always do after one of these little beauties, looking for distortion and seeing it everywhere, terrified that I am getting another migraine… It’s really shattering and very terrifying….

So given that I coach people in areas of acceptance and relaxing into what ever is going on for them so that they can clearly intend for a more desirable life, I needed to address this…. I had already started making a note each time I get a migraine to see if there are patterns, I had a good look at the last few that I have had, firstly, I get far less than I did two years ago, secondly I saw that the migraines generally appear when I have been ‘on the go’ so to speak and pushing myself too hard.

I can do something about this and have begun the process of ensuring that I listen harder to my inner voice telling me when I need to sit down and STOP.

As part of this process I have also accepted that once again, as with every person in their career, I am not perfect which is ok as I am learning every day and can continue to help others with what I learn. There are many areas of my life that I have started to become very good at accepting and the funny thing is that those areas are the ones that I am going great guns in, I also have far less migraines because of this…………So it’s working, now I need to work on the acceptance and relaxing part whilst I am going through one…………Let’s be honest, to anyone who gets migraines, they are hideous but they tend to happen for a reason, as with everything else.

Have a look at your own life and see where your lack of acceptance and inability to relax and allow yourself to let go may be manifesting itself as a physical condition……

Hope this helps some of you and I will keep you posted on how I go with continuing to minimize the amount I get as well as the relaxing into them and turning off the panic button. There may be some good lessons that I can share with you all that you can use in different parts of your own lives

Take Care


  1. Hi Emma

    Thanks for this article, I am not a migraine sufferer but certainly have trigger points that make me lose it a bit in the way of accepting things going on around me. I wish I could be a bit different because I know that stressing doesn’t help but not sure what else to do… I need to come and see you I think….

    BTW- great blogs, I like the fact that you are so open and honest in your writing!


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