Behavioural Profiling For Teams & Individuals

High Performance Workplaces

Traditional thinking tells business leaders that high performance in a job role is primarily dependent on a given individual’s specific job related skills. That is, the more technically qualified and experienced an individual is, the better they will perform in the role.

It’s time to step away from this predominant way of thinking and take into account that while job skills are a component of how an individual performs , it is actually their attitudes and social skills that are the key determinants of effectiveness and productivity at work.

According to a recent three year long study in the US of 25,000 professionals, a mere 11% of team members under perform in their job roles due to a failure in their technical skills while the overwhelming majority of 89% fail in their job roles due to the lack of social, interpersonal and communication skills.

So when it comes to driving productivity within your human resource capabilities, how do you develop these skills in team members? Well, one method that Coaching Combinations use in their HR support is through behaviour profiling.

Behaviour Profiling

Behavioural profiling is used by HR consultants to support organisations in identifying the characteristics and working styles of their team members. While behavioural profiling is often used in the recruitment process in order to understand how an individual is likely to perform in a specific job role, behavioural profiling is particularly useful within established working teams to further develop working relationships.

The essence of behavioural profiling is that each individual behaves in many different ways and that there is no “right” or “wrong” set of characteristics that apply to each person. Essentially, behaviour profiling uncovers these characteristic within team members to identify their strengths and limitations, and by understanding their characteristics, the types of job roles where they are likely to excel and functions where they are best suited become evident.

There is also no need for your team to be worried about getting ‘it wrong’ or having a ‘worse profile’ than someone else. There is no good and bad, just better team dynamics and attributes that work better for some roles, than others.

Behavioural profiling can benefit your workplace by:

  • Building stronger relationships between team members
  • Uncovering improved methods of communication
  • Learning how to manage any conflicts
  • Create a greater sense of team cohesion

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