Career Development/Goal Setting

Company Goals

All companies are generally founded on goals or objectives. From gaining market share to increasing profitability or to improving environmental sustainability or raising awareness of social issues, goals describe what a company wants to accomplish. Setting company goals is an essential component of our HR consultant support here at Coaching Combinations as we believe that it is ultimately goals that guide company operations and decisions.

Here is why company goals are so important:

Provide direction

Setting goals provides a sense of direction and focus for a company and their team members. If companies are not working towards achieving specific objectives, justifying why individuals undertake certain tasks in the workplace is essentially impossible. By developing goals that are aligned with the company culture and abilities of team members, a sense of direction and purpose to daily work activities can be achieved.

Improve cohesion in the workplace

Achieving the goals that are set at the company level is extremely dependant on all levels and departments of team members working together to aim for the same goals. By sharing a common objective, cohesion and collaboration between coworkers is greatly enhanced.

Increase motivation

By improving the level of cohesion between co-workers, which often results in happier team members and more effective working relationships, company wide goals increase the motivation felt by staff to work towards them. By increasing motivation to achieve company goals, time spent on unnecessary tasks also reduces, benefiting the company even further.

Career Development Goals

Similar to the importance of company wide goals, career development goals that individuals set for themselves are incredibly important. By encouraging staff members to set career development goals within their job roles provides them with a longer term vision of where they want to be as well as the shorter term, daily motivation to work towards those goals.

Whether done in conjunction with a HR consultant, with managers or simply alone, when team members set goals they gain a sense of pride in the achievement of those goals, which will contribute to improved performance which not only benefits themselves but the company as a whole. What’s more, career development goals are a great method to use to measure staff performance when it comes time for appraisals.

Don’t miss out on the personal and company wide benefits that can be experienced by setting goals, contact Coaching Combinations on (08) 6188 7502 to find out how our HR consultants can support your business to set clear and measurable goals that will contribute to the success of your business.