Casual for the right reasons……..

I commented on a blog on LinkedIn today which I found quite interesting. It was about the pros and cons of casual work versus permanent work. The article which was on the site discussed the fact that some casual employees hardly ever have any time off as hours are not consistent so people just keep working.

I made the following comment which I think is key to a lot of the other areas I talk about relating to careers in general.

“I believe that the key issue lies in the reason WHY people decide to be casual employees in the first place. I agree that it can and does work very well for some people, myself included… However, many people go into casual work hoping that it will turn into something more permanent later on down the track.

I have seen this time and again as an ex recruiter. This is where it’s so important for people to be clear about what their end goal is and what they are intending for their lives to look like, covering off all areas so that the best decision can be made about what type of employment to go after to get the life you want….

I have to admit that when I started my own Career/Life Coaching and HR Consulting firm, I was keen to get some part time work straight away that was of a permanent nature or even some set casual hours for the same sorts of reasons as others do who really want to do something else. This reason is a fear of not earning enough….As human beings, we tend to get very concerned about not having enough and so we work and work in case at some point we have no income, this is especially true for casual employees and can be very difficult.”

This is now working for me as I set about focusing on the success of my own business, not on the casual employment, if this makes sense………..This took time and to be honest, some serious asking myself one question: “Is what I am focusing on leading me towards my goals or taking me further away?” This was something I spoke about at the Pink Book Club talk I did last week as well… Make sure that you are focusing on what you intend, not on what you are scared of potentially happening so all the energy goes into that instead….It’s easier to just foucs on the immediate money situation rather than on the longer term if this makes sense

I went on to comment

“Casual work is fantastic when you genuinely want casual work, a supplement to something else in your life. If you decide to take on a casual role for any other reason then it’s essential to have a plan as to what else you will do to begin going down the path of what you actually intend for your dream career to look like so you don’t end up being a casual person who can never take a break for fear of not getting enough hours in a few weeks after you have chosen to take time off.

It’s a challenge and one that I talk to clients about on a regular basis with an emphasis on finding their dream careers, there is definitely a place for casual work, you just need to know how to use it to your advantage!”

I would be interested in what you guys think about this..

Cheers for now

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