Education for SEEKers…

I have been thinking a great deal about both candidates and potential employers due to undertaking rather a lot of recruitment in the last few months.

It never ceases to amaze me how candidates fail the SEEKing test on such a regular basis.

Listen up if you are looking to apply for a new role any time soon as these small but imperative tips will ABSOLUTELY make the difference to you being shortlisted versus being sent straight to UNSUITABLE.

1. READ the job ad – If it’s asking for 2 years experience and you have 10, it’s not a great idea to apply. Skills wise; you’d fit the bill totally but be honest; unless you can really articulate specific reasons why you would be a good fit for a junior based role when you’re experienced; the salary will no doubt not fit what you are used to or perhaps even what you’re worth and longevity in the role will not be something that you’d likely be able to give. This is a lose-lose for both you and the company you are applying to.

2. Speaking of cover letters, if the ad asks for one, then by all means do not attach one if you’d rather NOT be contacted for interview. Seriously, being able to do as requested by the advertisement is essential. As recruiters and managers, we don’t know you from a bar of soap so your behaviours at this stage are all we can go by.

3. PLEASE address the criteria that we are seeking. The best cover letters are those that specifically draw attention to the aspects that are mentioned in the job ad – We do this for a reason.

4. If the ad asks for applications to be sent via a particular means, then please don’t go against this to stand out – We don’t appreciate it. Follow up by all means; we have no issue with people being keen. In fact, we rather like that… But please apply through SEEK if this is what we ask for.

5. Watch that your resume does not contain irrelevant content from the 1980s which makes your resume unbearably long and not appealing for us to peruse. If I’m being honest, we probably won’t read it as we are looking for relevant and concise resumes which tell us on the first page that we should hire you. Not based on your ‘feelings’ outlined in a cover letter; but based on your experience and skills.

6. One last thing. If the role asks for specific experience and you don’t have it, then please make sure that your cover letter articulates why you should still be considered.

You are one of many and you need to remember that you’re an unknown entity at this stage; put yourself in the hiring person’s shoes and ask what you’d like to see if you were looking for that standout candidate!

All the best in your search

“Try something different if you want a different outcome”

Until next time


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