Failing to consider these things will cost your company $$$$

So often during recruitment activity, I see both candidates and employers focusing solely on skills, failing to consider other key aspects that will absolutely make the difference between someone staying in a role and leaving within the first 6 months which cost employers big bucks $$$$!!!!!

It’s not just about whether the candidate can DO the job SKILLS wise. As an employer and often the MD, you have the benefit of knowing not just what skills you need, but what type of organisation you have and what fit you really need. This is as much about your company as the individual you are considering employing.

For example: A while ago, I had been interviewing for a junior admin person and spent a considerable amount of time looking at what type of individual would be suited to this organisation. The skills are one thing; knowing the subtle differences in expectations and what the role will look and feel like is another. Looking at the environment is an absolutely critical aspect to sourcing the right person. The right individual for this role needed to be ok with being in an open plan office amongst distractions and lots of interruptions. This role would not have suited everyone.

Conversely, I have filled roles which have been based in small office with less social interaction and requiring genuine autonomy. Again, certain people are perfect for this type of role. Others, regardless of their skills, would not fit well into this environment and would invariably leave within a 6-12 month period. The person recruited would have the best intentions to stay and may well genuinely commit to the role at the time, but our personality types dictate certain needs that cannot be silenced.

A new recruit leaving within the first 6-12 months is not the outcome you are looking for, particularly for integral roles such as EA’s where relationship building is so essential. You may as well pretty much double the original income in terms of the costs to then re-recruit! Not to mention the inconvenience and frustration associated.

It’s so important to really interview well and do your due diligence when sourcing a new person. Skills are obviously essential but so is whether their reasons for considering the role are sound and in line with the company needs. The cultural fit is so critical in decision making.

Something to ponder and then take action on.

“Try something different if you want a different outcome”


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