High Performance Starts in the Kitchen!

The main reason why people invariably wake up with Mondayitis and find it hard to get out of bed has very little to do with the fact that it’s a Monday or even that it’s after having had two days off work. (I will retract that statement for those of you who hate your jobs, if you fall into this category then the writing is on the wall for you.. job change?).

How Your Diet Affects Your Performance

However; if you enjoy what you do but seem to find it hard to get out of bed on Monday mornings (or any other day for that matter), then look no further than what you have eaten over the weekend. This can be a very enlightening and sometimes terrifying place to look back on….

It’s worthwhile though if you wake up with extra bad breath, lethargy, general moodiness, achy joints or even feelings of anxiety.

There is no way that people can be firing on all cylinders in the work place if they are fueling their bodies full of crap that it doesn’t even recognise. Think about it…………How much have we really changed over the last 500-1000 years compared with how much our food has changed??? Pill popping, processed foods, drinks with ingredients we haven’t even heard of, let alone can pronounce!…………Hmmm, the body gets confused and freaks out. Hence, we get break outs, put on weight, end up with anxiety and mood swings… NO THANKS!!!

I am a person who loves to eat but I also HAVE to eat healthily most of the time or I really suffer. We are actually all made like this but we have very little awareness that this is the case. Exercise and eating right are critical to overall function in life, from communication, new ideas, concentration abilities, relationship building and overall satisfaction.

Workplaces need to start from the basics with fresh air, exercise and unprocessed  but satisfying foods. They can then kick-start into work. I promise you that if you have a team of people who don’t exercise, eat badly, get less sleep than required and eat lunch at their desks, they ARE UNPRODUCTIVE compared to what they could be! If the lunch is unhealthy and contains fast food and soft drink then it’s 10 times worse!

As soon as I got back from a down south rancho relaxo for the Australia Day long weekend and woke up on Tuesday morning to attend PT, I was reminded just how badly I had eaten over the weekend. Between cider at The Duckstein Brewery, my own deluxe Rocky Road, WAY TOO MUCH cheese and several vodka limes and sodas, coupled with minimal exercise for three days, I was feeling less than ideal! (this account does not do the intake of foods justice…. tip of iceberg only).

I was struggling big time….Now, you could argue that I had a great weekend and don’t do this very often so what’s the big deal. You’re right, I don’t do it very often and did have fun so was not overly bothered.

The point is though that I get a rude shock whenever I do. There are people though; who do this all the time. In fact, many of us get used to it and put it all down to working too hard, not getting enough sleep and life in general.

This is not the case and does not have to be this way. The issue is how to eat in a healthy way but still enjoy your food? I have no interest in munching on carrot sticks, eating raw food all the time or never having a bevvy. The guys below have adopted this as a serious lifestyle choice and whilst I see why; I think I will take an 80/20 rule on board. Eat healthy 80% of the time and cleanse quarterly (the cleanse is through Don and Tyler Tolman, hideous taste but very good for you). Cleansing enables more flexibility on the eating front as well which appeals :-)

So, I began doing lots of research through the likes of the a fore mentioned Don Tolman, www.dontolmaninternational.com, Tyler Tolman, www.consciouslifestyler.com

as well as Chef Cynthia and David Wolfe. I also studied Hospitality and am doing courses through the guys above. I will most likely complete a natural chef course with Jude Blereau. www.wholefoodcooking.com.au. This is a serious interest of mine and want to know as much as possible.

I have very rarely used recipes and like to see what works. My favourite chef of all time is Heston Blumenthal due to his experimentation and the way he puts science and creativity into his food.

I have worked out how to make the BEST risotto which is low in fat and carbs and can have practically no processed junk in it at all……..It has stacks of flavour and you feel satisfied after eating it.

There are EASY sweet tempters to make that will not pack on the calories but actually taste good..They DO NOT contain CAROB! (no offense to people who like carob).

Note: I had no intention of writing this much but my mind is very alert today having been doing all this experimenting…..


NB- You will have to bear with me as I don’t really use recipes, I get ideas and then just go with whatever so really cannot give you quantities but will try…..These recipes will be vegetarian as  apart from the odd bit of fish I don’t eat meat anymore either.

raw chocolate bites

raw chocolate bites

CHOCOLATE BITES: The first time I tried this it had no topping but then I decided to add one….With or without it’s nice!

Ingredients: BASE– unprocessed coconut oil, raw oat bran, agave syrup (any health food shop- can use PURE maple syrup if you want), shredded coconut, cranberries (naturally sweetened), raw cacao powder

Literally just add about ¾ cup of coconut oil (if Summer then will already be melted, otherwise melt on stove on low temp), 1 cup oat bran, ¾ cup cacao, 1 cup coconut and ¾ cup of cranberries together- If you need a bit more oil then add in….. (sorry for the lack of specific info)…This needs to be pressed into  a tin and put in frig until really nice and cold….

TOPPING:- You can simply put raw cacao butter (melted when you slice a chunk off) and cacao powder together with agave syrup for sweetener and then harden it up in the frig, spread over the top… If you want to add some slivered almonds or something this is nice as well…. The consistency when you have mixed the cacao’s together should be like a smooth icing paste, the agave and butter will give it a beautiful sleek texture..Just put it back in the frig and then slice when all set into bite sized pieces, KEEP IN FRIG…

Don’t overdo it as there is still fat content in this but it’s not bad fat :-)

I will keep posting new recipes if people are keen…

Keep fueling with the good stuff :-)