Emma Driscoll HR Consultant(old)

At Coaching Combinations our main aim is to work alongside organisations to ensure that they have highly productive teams of people working within them.

Employees who are motivated and inspired in their working life will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction and a greater competitive advantage for a business. Competitors can copy processes but they cannot replicate the biggest asset a company has; its people!

We will support your organisation to become an employer of choice through a comprehensive consultative partnership. Working with us will result in your organisation developing a robust set of processes designed to support managers and teams to be as productive, skilled and organised as possible, allowing for tough conversations if required.  Individuals will be given opportunities to contribute and feel valued within the organisation and your team will be heading in the same direction, resulting in lower turnover and maximising profits.

High levels of attrition result in conflict, low levels of productivity, excessive sick leave, disjointed teams and low morale. Your customers will pick up on this and your business can suffer. Call Emma today 0412 155 567 and arrange a time to discuss the issues your company is having.

The initial meeting is complimentary and a good opportunity to get clear on what the key problem is and how we can assist you to tackle it.