HR Policy/Process Creation & Implementation

HR Policies & Processes

Picture this, you are a business owner taking a glance around your office and before your eyes you realise that your team has grown. In the beginning when there were only a few team members, ‘playing it by ear’ worked, but now, with more sales, clients and work to be done, you need support to effectively manage the growth of your company’s human resource needs.

The foundation of managing growth in human resources is through the creation and implementation of HR policies and procedures. While a policy is the formal statement of a principle or rule that members of a company must follow, the procedure spells out what actions should be taken in line with overarching policies, offering HR support for the best outcome every time.

Creation & Implementation

As a business owner you are in a fantastic position to kick off the creation of policies and procedures in your work place alongside a human resources professional. In consultation with managers, team members and other stakeholders, you will know how your team operates, what their values in the workplace are, and what expectations you have of the business. Once you and your HR professional have identified what the unique nuances of your workplace are, breaking down the specific policies and how they will be implemented will serve as a reference point for all human resource activity within the business.

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