HR Support

Coaching Combinations can ensure that your business is up to speed on all areas of HR, including design, implementation and training in the following areas:

Services we can offer as part of HR support include:

  1. Assistance with hiring new staff; supporting managers throughout the process
  2. Interview skills training for hiring managers
  3. Performance Management/Performance Appraisal skills training
  4. Position Descriptions
  5. Robust performance management framework to get the best out of your people
  6. HR Process review and recommendations
  7. Induction Process Review, to enhance initial retention of new team members

Potential coaching situations where we can assist:

  • An employee is transitioning into a leadership role and needs to learn skills in ‘difficult conversations’
  • There is interpersonal conflict in the workplace that is compromising operational objectives
  • A new business unit or team needs to be sourced and established
  • There are high levels of employee turnover or absenteeism in the workplace or specific teams
  • Employees have attended training courses but there has been no measurable change in behaviour or performance and no application of skills back into the workplace
  • Managers are not achieving satisfactory results from their staff and communication is ineffective
  • Key talent needs to be retained and others require performance managing out of the organisation
  • Employees require support in going through a change management process

Or perhaps you want to take what you are doing to the Next Level, to become a true employer of choice

The return on investment from our coaching services for businesses includes:

  • The ability to attract and retain Key People
  • Recognition as an Employer Of Choice in your industry
  • Employees taking ownership for their productivity and improving their results
  • Reduced dependency on managers to find solutions
  • Improved ability for managers to lead, motivate and develop employees
  • Increased employee retention through better relationships between managers and their employees
  • More effective and appropriate mechanisms for providing feedback to employees
  • A positive and dynamic organisational culture with the right people employed in the right roles
  • Effectively recognising and utilising learning styles and personality types

For more information on any of the services we can offer at Coaching Combinations, please contact Emma on 0412 155 567 or via