HR System Review

While most companies will complete an extensive annual review of their financial statements, the programmes around people in the workplace, like recruitment and training, are seldom given the same scrutiny.

A company can only effectively plan for the future of its human resource requirements once it knows where it currently stands, and this is where a human resources system review as part of Coaching Combinations’ HR solutions can play an incredibly beneficial role.

Human Resources Audit

The Human Resources (HR) Audit is the process of examining policies, procedures, documentation and practices with regard to a company’s HR functions. The purpose of the HR Audit is to identify areas in which a given company excels in its HR functions and those areas that could see some improvement. A HR Audit is carried out by Coaching Combinations as just one of the HR solutions we provide as a consulting service.

Benefits of the HR Audit

  • Identify any gaps between where your human resource functions currently stand and where as a company you would like to be
  • Determine the current contributions of any internal HR departments to the company
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Ensures that HR solutions and functions are in line with legal requirements
  • Stimulate uniformity of human resource practices within the workplace

Besides ensuring compliance, identifying gaps and creating uniformity in HR functions, the HR Audit can improve how a company is perceived by its staff members by demonstrating that genuine interest in employment practices exists.

If it has been challenging for your business to determine its current state of HR functions and the areas in which the business wants to grow, Coaching Combinations can undertake an extensive HR Systems Review on your behalf in order to provide key recommendations for HR solutions that meet your organisational objectives. Call us on (08) 6188 7502 to find out how a HR Audit can benefit your business.