Industrial & Employment Relations

Industrial & employment relations is concerned with the dynamics of workplace relationships between employers and their employees. Understanding this dynamic allows businesses to harness employee skills and effort, so they can better contribute to the success of the business. While employment relations is the legal link between employers and employees, companies that find the common ground between the two parties often come out on top.

So how, like the top companies in the world, do businesses find and nurture team members who love working for them? Here is where HR coaching from Coaching Combinations can contribute to your business.

Facing the tough stuff head on

One of most integral parts of employment relations is being able to effectively manage the relationship between employers and employees not just through the good times, but the bad as well.

One of the key areas where we add our HR coaching expertise is in the areas of team dynamics and how people relate to one another. Many organisations waste thousands of dollars every year in productivity because ‘people do not get along’. At Coaching Combinations we work with managers and teams to sort out the issues that many people are lacking in confidence to sort out.

Avoiding a problem will not make it go away. In fact, small issues can then become MASSIVE irreconcilable problems which can lead to issues of workplace bullying and harassment.

In a recent employment relations study, 40% of employees had witnessed workplace harassment, discrimination or bullying, with the majority of these incidents being unreported to management. Sometimes managers, who may be highly skilled in operational matters, lack the legal and complaint handling skills required to effectively deal with some of these avoidable issues.

If your business is looking for professional HR coaching  services, contact us at Coaching Combinations on (08) 6188 7502. We can arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can work together to manage relationships to build lasting employee satisfaction.