Innovation should not stop with the service you have for sale but you still need process!

My mantra for this year has been; “I am not interested in what’s probable. I want to look at all possibility; it’s only then that impossibility has a chance of becoming possible!”

I spend a lot of my waking hours looking at innovation in the people space of business; determining how businesses can get the best out of their people in a way which excites the individual to take on new challenges and adventures with their careers and the goals that we set together.

In the past it would be fair to say that I have not been a huge fan of pouring over policies and processes as they can generally be quite dry and tend to curb creativity a little. However, as I have been going along with my own development in the last 12-18 months, I have become increasingly aware of two things:

  1. Without process and governing “rules”, the chance for flexibility and innovation is actually decreased.
  2. The process simply forms the pillars underneath whatever you choose to place on top of them; this is where the innovation lies.

Without any processes in place there is little ability to be innovative. To be innovative there needs to firstly be a plan to know that your innovation will actually ‘fly’. Things get missed, overlooked, confused and misconstrued in workplaces where there are no processes.

I am going to use an analogy here and it involves a bus. When there is no process in place, prior to looking at the innovating aspect, it can result in a lack of consistency which then means that you end up with many different ‘buses driving in different directions’ rather than everyone being on the same bus which you can focus on; making it the most comfortable and easy to drive whilst being full of entertainment as you head towards your destination.

After you have worked out what the basic process will be and why you are doing what you are doing; the magic of ‘how’ can commerce.

For example I am massive fan of a proper robust induction process. However, they can be rather bland and ‘vanilla’. They DON’T have to be. The key is to ensure that you work out what the MUSTs are in terms of what needs to be included in the induction and then work out HOW you want to illustrate this.

What new and interesting way can you articulate your message, which means that you make your point and have all bases covered whilst showing a new team member what your organisation is all about??

People still need to have faith that their needs of security and consistency will be met but there is also a growing need for flexibility, creativity and innovation in our current workforces.

Even the most boring of processes can catch your eye and be interesting if you choose.


Work out what you need first, then be as creative as you can within the process… …

The possibilities are endless!

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