Interview Techniques For Managers

Hiring new staff can be a stressful time for managers. Let’s face it, recruiting falls to managers when there’s no HR department and not all managers are experts in this area. In fact, most are not! Why would they be? Managers are hired for their industry expertise and perhaps their ability to lead people, not necessarily their interview techniques for recruiting new staff. Recruitment doesn’t usually feature in the responsibilities of 10 interview questions

Coaching Combinations can conduct one-to-one coaching or group workshops for managers and leaders who need confidence in ensuring they hire the best staff for the job. Topics covered include job ad writing skills, interview techniques for managers and interview questions and evaluations. Finding the right candidates and employing the right people for your organisation should not be left to chance.

WE CAN HELP: Through a series of well thought out, practical steps, our HR Consultants can coach managers in the processes and fundamentals involved in hiring the BEST staff.

RESULT: There is a drastic reduction in the requirement to utilise external recruiters AND a far better retention rate when managers have the best tools and skills for interviewing staff.

Coaching can cover the following areas to ensure the best possible knowledge base:

1. Overview of an effective recruitment process. In order for hiring managers to be able to ensure they have done all they can to select the best possible people to join them in achieving company goals and objectives, an overall understanding of each stage of the recruitment process is required. For example, if a step is missed in the process, such as good quality reference checking, the consequences can result in repeating the recruitment process and then you are faced with the 1.5 times the salary scenario ($90,000).

The overview will go over each stage of the recruiting process so that hiring managers can be proactive and plan their time accurately, with a full understanding of what will be required. A manager must be able to see not just the overall goal, but the steps of how to achieve the goal.

The overview will cover the steps of each stage of the process from the job description, to writing the job ad, the interview, pitching an offer as well as all the parts that link the process together. Once an overview is complete, each step will be broken down into detail and you will be given the opportunity to put the steps into practice.

2. How to truly interview effectively. Many managers are just as nervous as the candidates and the entire hiring process can be one of ‘hit and miss’ with serious costs involved in the process. A poor interview will make a difference in hiring the right person. A fabulous candidate may well be put off the role if their interview is not conducted well.

At Coaching Combinations, we will take hiring managers through the entire interviewing process, including giving them ample practice to master the interview stage. We will ensure that hiring managers are comfortable with the following before the coaching is completed:

  • How to engage and build rapport with a candidate to make them feel comfortable at the beginning of an interview
  • Some basic matching and mirroring strategies which will ensure that your managers will see the best of the candidate they are interviewing
  • A detailed explanation of the STAR interview method – Behavioural Based Interviewing. This method will ensure that managers can determine whether candidates have relevant past role experience to gauge future performance and knowledge. This is ESSENTIAL.
  • Effective interview questioning techniques within the STAR format. This technique will encourage the best possible answers which come from a place of experience and knowledge and will highlight for managers whether the candidate is a good fit for the role.
  • The importance of assessing the right fit for the role, based on motivational fit and values-based assessment as well as skills and knowledge. The most suited candidates, from an experience point of view, must also be the right fit for the organisation and the team. We can help hiring managers to uncover this information. It may even result in company values being better defined through working with employees on what the organisation stands for and their role in maintaining these values. Involving employees will increase motivation, productivity and the overall effectiveness of the organisation. This is a FACT.
  • Dos and Don’ts for EEO purposes. It’s essential that hiring managers know what to ask and what to avoid so the interview process runs smoothly and there are no legal implications surrounding questions being asked.

3. What happens after the interview? Too many organisations fail to have a good follow-through process with their candidates, resulting in ‘missing the boat’ the best people for the role. Coaching Combinations will take managers through the next stages of the hiring process to ensure the right person or people are selected for the role/s. We will cover the following:

  • Comparing the interviews, conducted on a merit based system. We can help develop the interview guides for you so that it’s easy to see the stand out candidates.
  • Reference checking the best candidates and making sure the reference checking is thorough and determines the real information hiring managers need to know.
  • Behavioural Profiling. We can arrange profiling for the organisation as well as advising on the benefit and how to use the information for staff management and recruiting purposes.
  • Informing candidates of the outcome of the process. Ensuring managers are able to provide feedback effectively and in a positive manner which will ensure that the organisation is viewed favourably by all who have taken part in the recruitment process.

4. The offer stage – Win Win Scenarios. Hiring managers need to know how to offer a role to a candidate and have knowledge of the accompanying paperwork. The offer should involve the salary as well as the conditions and benefits and any potential career path plans. Being clear about the role will assist with retention of staff. They should be presented with the salary they were offered and no less. The financial savings of a smooth offer process are again, based on the 1.5 times the salary ($90,000) if re-recruitment should need to occur within the first 6-12 months.

5. Employment Commencement – The first three months is a critical time for a new staff member and the organisation. A poor induction effectively undoes all the good work that occurred prior to engaging a new employee. Statistics show that if employees are not proactively engaged within the first 90 days, they are unlikely to stay long term within an organisation. Coaching Combinations can work with leaders on the correct appraisal and one to one documentation required to provide relevant and appropriate performance-based feedback to all staff, especially to new recruits. (More on staff appraisals click here)

The term “start how you mean to go on” is critical here and new employees must be given a strong sense of belonging and security in their first three months. If an organisation can accomplish this engagement with a new employee, they have a double win:

  • The new employee remains in the organisation and re-recruitment and the associated costs are avoided.
  • Productivity is far higher as the employee is ‘attached’ to the organisation and will work smart and hard for the goals and objectives set down by the organisation. If the employee can contribute positively and tangibly to company goals, then the results will be even more profound. Coaching Combinations can support managers in achieving employee engagement.

Our HR Consultants can assist hiring managers to interview and recruit effectively to minimise risk and financial costs for their business.