Leadership Coaching

Leadership & Management Coaching

At Coaching Combinations we’re not just about HR, we believe in a holistic approach to managing your business’s human resources. So when it comes to HR it’s not just about employees, having an efficient and high performing team of managers and business leaders who understand HR are incredibly important elements to any business.

At Coaching Combinations part of our supportive HR services is to provide leadership and management coaching to existing managers and business leaders around pertinent human resources issues.The progressive organisations of today understand that regardless of job roles, there is always room to improve performance and that giving feedback on their leadership team is not something to be afraid of.

By developing the skills of leaders alongside those of their team members through leadership and management coaching, leaders become:

  • More motivated by having the opportunity to invest in their own skill development
  • More skilled in ensuring that your business is meeting employment relationship laws and guidelines
  • Able to maintain and review workplace policies and procedures

360 Feedback and HR Coaching

One of the methods we use to in leadership coaching in HR is the 360 behavioural based feedback process, which has been specifically designed to develop the HR skills of managers.

Here is a snapshot of what 360 feedback for HR leadership coaching is all about:

  • To assist HR managers and other leaders responsible for HR functions within a business to understand what their personal strengths are and what areas need development
  • Have the opportunity to receive performance feedback from other managers and colleagues, providing you with greater insight into your performance.
  • To discover the skills and types of behaviours needed to carry out the visions, purpose and goals of the business.

Extensive HR research has shown that management coaching is one of the most effective ways of developing leadership skills. To find out how our HR consultant at Coaching Combinations can developing the HR capabilities of your leadership and management teams, contact us on (08) 6188 7502 today.