The main reason for new staff leaving??

This article is part of the June Newsletter….

I wanted to talk about the importance of induction programmes when new staff commence within an organisation in this particular edition of the newsletter. I see many companies, both small and large do this well but I also see it missed out altogether. The relevant link here is the process of recruiting new staff and how reactive it is within a particular business.

When a new staff member is needed and the situation is critical, as opposed to being able to allow for the right person to be sourced with a robust handover etc the induction is usually comprehensive and very helpful in allowing the staff member to settle in as one of the team before hitting the ground running.

However, if the new employee is recruited in a rush and has little or no time to settle in before hitting their straps so to speak, the induction usually consists of some basic OH&S bits and pieces and a ‘who’s who in the zoo’ before getting bogged down with the details of their specific tasks in the new role. They may perhaps get a manual and some rushed adhoc instructions.

Over 50% of staff who leave companies within the first three months of commencing a new role leave for reasons that come back to poor inductions. New employees need to feel a sense of care for their well being, a sense of belonging, the ability to see their way forward into their new role so I think that I would be stating the obvious if I was to point out that induction programme need to actually occur but I will not assume knowledge on the how part. Let’s have a look at this.

There are several different learning styles but many people are visual so induction programmes need to be colourful and interesting as well as being clear and concise. A good induction programme in an organisation should cover off the following areas:

  • Meet and Greet- Main players in the company
  • Exploration of the company and the role
  • Clear guidelines pertaining to manager, company and peer expectations of the new staff member in their role
  • The ability for the new staff member to check these expectations against their own- This will work wonders to appease any nerves and to enable the new starter to breathe a sigh of relief that they have made the right decision to join the company.


These are the basics, for further information and for how to address these areas, feel free to check out my blog site as I will add to this article in there…… A good induction is critical for retention of quality people!

Now, the next part is how to actually ensure that the induction is done well. The following areas will ensure that the induction for any business is a positive part of the first few weeks and months in a new employees journey.

  1. A good induction should ensure that friendly and positive rapport is built
  2. A clear outline as to the culture of the company- What is acceptable  what is not, where are the places to eat, what time do people start work, is there a social club etc etc. These things all assist the new starter to feel that they are getting to grips with the company they have just joined.
  3. New employees need to have a good understanding of not only their job role but how it fits in with the company ad the future direction planned. This assists in giving the new staff member some purpose and a sense of belonging.
  4. A detailed look at the position description, responsibilities for the role and the team that the new staff member will be joining
  5.  Policies, procedures, OH&S, emergency procedures, where everything is and introductions etc must be completed as well- Try to avoid going overboard all at once, people cannot retain much more than about 6 pieces of information at a time, plus or minus….


A good induction process also asks for feedback, it’s a really fabulous way of determining whether the company is on the right track or not when you get feedback from a new person just joining, take on board the feedback offered, it’s a gift!

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