Managing Performance

Performance Management Propelling Your People Forward

Managing performance is something that should be carried out as a consistent ‘way of life’ in all organisations. Performance appraisals tie all the work together in a more formalised process but in between those times, the process needs to continue to get the best out of your people.

Regular employee performance reviews achieve several things, all critical to longevity in employment, successful working relationships and high performing people.

  1. Managing employee performance assists team members to feel valued in the organisation.
  2. It enables and guides both managers and team members to take responsibility for their own performance and career progression with clear and robust processes in place to support this.
  3. Managing staff performance gives team members opportunities to hone their areas of interest and to provide value to the business as well as creating a strong sense of job satisfaction.
  4. It is a direct way in linking strategic direction with performance, further tying roles and people together with the direction of the business.

At Coaching Combinations we design robust processes and systems to assess performance and conduct thorough employee performance reviews, and then implement and support managers to ensure that the procedures are embraced and taken on board by all team members.

Coaching Combinations is Your Consistent Point of Contact

Our role is to be there as the consistent point of contact and to provide coaching and insight into how to propel your people into the best version of themselves they can be in the workplace.