More retention headaches for business owners on the horizon

As the owner of a Career development/HR Consulting firm, I am faced with a never ending stream of queries from people asking me “how they can get good staff” as staff never seem to stay…..

I tend to put this back onto my clients in the nicest possible way and ask them what they are doing to

1. Get the right staff in the first place

2. Ensure that the workplace they operate is such that  staff don’t want to leave once they enter

Businesses need to understand that whilst retention of staff begins with recruiting, it does not need to end with re recruiting and nor should it.

In fact, as a business, if staff roles are re recruited within the first 6-12 months of initial hire, the cost of that original salary can double with the replacement. There are many costs outside of advertising and the new employee’s salary to consider here if the original employee leaves within that initial time frame.

WA businesses who will all be impacted by the next mining boom cannot continue to ignore the looming crisis in employment retention into this first part of 2011 either.

Earlier last year, international recruitment firm Chandler McLeod released the findings of a report they conducted based on 10,000 candidates across Australia and of those surveyed 71 per cent were planning a move from their current roles and a hefty 62 per cent were actually considering a move out of their occupation altogether sometime in the following 12 months.

This adds up to a potential talent management nightmare to say the very least, It’s only going to get worse with the mining boom now in full swing again in WA, staffing shortages will be a massive issue for all businesses. The solution to the problem is addressing something I call ‘Corporate Disconnect’

Although increasing numbers of employees have been leaving jobs due to job dissatisfaction there is something managers and business owners could do to improve the workplace experience, increase productivity and avoid losing their best staff.

Businesses are not as connected to their staff as they need to be in order to retain them in a buoyant market. There are simple and very effective strategies that managers can use to engage their staff and to make them think twice before moving into another job.

Managers need support and there is insufficient training in people management in many organisations. It’s a myth that staff always leave because they are not getting paid enough, there are so many other reasons that contribute to it.

When businesses know what motivates an individual, they end up with challenged employees and productive businesses and it is a win-win for employees and businesses alike.

Managers need to get the most out of their team by helping staff members develop their strengths which leads to a happier work experience, a more productive workplace and healthier bottom line.

If businesses do not address this then staff will continue to leave for more lucrative options in the mining industry as a short term fix to their dissatisfaction.

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