No news may not be good news, but it’s still news to a candidate!

When we order something from a retailer and we are waiting, waiting, waiting for it to come into the store,  do we want to hear the loud sound of silence or a lovely apologetic person on the end of the phone telling us, that the product has still not arrived but that they are more than aware that we would like to know when to expect it to come in?? We want contact on a consistently regular basis.

No news IS news but recruiters and companies have a tendency to forget this and can keep candidates waiting for a very long time ‘in between drinks’ so to speak.

Human beings want to be wanted.  It makes us feel valued. We also greatly desire certainty over uncertainty. It makes us feel secure. Looking for a job puts a person at the epicenter of these basic human needs.  It is a time when people very much want contact from the prospective employer, even if the contact is “we haven’t decided yet”. Lack of contact makes us feel uncomfortable and can create unnecessary negative feeling about the job in the mind of a person who may well be at the top of your list. This can be a contributing factor to an employee leaving within the first three months, even though they may not realise it.

Take care to engage with candidates even when you’ve ‘nothing to tell them’ just yet. It will take a couple of minutes of time and could save you $000,00’s in reputation as well as re recruitment costs; not to mention that it’s just good manners to stay in touch regularly when recruiting. You never know when your paths may cross again.

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