Organisational Reviews & Perception Audits

Organisational Structure Reviews

After all the hard work to get your business up and running, it is understandable for company leaders to let operations run as they are, especially if no obvious issues have arisen. However, when you start feeling this plateau level, it might actually be the biggest indicator that it’s time to review the internal progress of your business with an organisation structure and HR review and identify how to develop your human resource capabilities further.

Organisational Reviews, or HR reviews, become more important as your business takes on more staff, creates more departments or promotes team members to new positions. In these instances, HR reviews are particular useful if any of the following points have been identified:

  • Fragmented internal communication
  • Issues regarding staff retention
  • Increasing instances of personal and departmental conflicts

Perception Audits

Here at Coaching Combinations we use Perception Audits in order to examine the congruence between how managers view the internal state of human resources in comparison to staff perceptions, as one method of HR reviews.

Perception Audits are used to identify the core non-financial and sentiment issues affecting human resources within an organisation. By working in collaboration with managers and team members, Coaching Combinations devises specific questionnaires and/or avenues of discussion around the key issues impacting the value or performance of a company.

The ultimate benefit of Perception Audits is to discover what is driving particular sentiments and to restore a sense of shared purpose between managers, team members and other parties relevant to the human resource functions of a business. They are also great to see what you are doing well as an organisation. Remember that truly awesome companies don’t wait for things to be broken to check in!
If you have noticed issues arising within your team, contact Coaching Combinations on (08) 6188 7502. Our team of HR professionals will work with your business in order to formulate a HR review of your organisation’s functions.