Outsourced HR Services

Outsourcing your human resource activities to a HR consultant could be the best way to support your business and team development without wasting resources on a full-time HR manager.

Outsourcing your HR services to Coaching Combinations will result in a customised solution specific to your business needs. The opportunities that we provide to businesses through our outsourced HR services include:

  • Team member performance reviews at regular intervals
  • Identifying values within an organisation
  • Review of internal HR systems
  • Management of the internal appraisal software
  • Training on all processes and systems
  • Development of job descriptions and KPIs
  • Guidance and onsite support for managers around how to have difficult conversations and managing team member behaviours. We will sit in and manage these with our clients.

The 4 benefits of outsourced HR services

Many organisations either don’t have the need for an in-house full time HR manager or they see the benefits for engaging a senior person but don’t have the budget for this in a full time capacity. A external HR consultant is the ideal solution. By outsourcing your HR services to an onsite consultant you get the best value for money and the best information available.

Breadth of HR knowledge

The broader and constantly developing experiences and knowledge of an HR consultant cannot be achieved as effectively by an internal team member. An outsourced HR consultant is frequently exposed to new situations that require innovative thinking to find the best outcome and solution.

An internal team member largely faces the same tasks and information day in day out, and can’t bring new developments to the table that can be incorporated into your HR strategy the way a consultant can.

The bigger picture

Existing within an organisation can make it incredibly difficult to look at the overarching picture to identify what the HR issues are, where they’re coming from and the most direct and effective answer.

The unique perspective of an outside HR consultant is valuable to you as we can easily take a step back and determine what improvements should be made to improve the HR processes. At Coaching Combinations we specialise in ‘bigger picture’ thinking and we encourage all our clients to run strategic planning with us to ensure that we can link your company direction to your team and individuals performance. We also have our finger on the pulse in terms of best practice based on what is happening in our industry.

Support and Service

With outsourced HR services with Coaching Combinations, there will always be someone to contact when you need help. Not sure how to tackle a tricky conversation or what the next step for managing behaviour is? We are just a call or an email away to give you the HR support that you need to get the most from your employees. Even if it’s not one of our onsite days with you!

Teasing out the important information

Understanding what makes a business unique is crucial for creating all strategy and processes within an organisation. Determining those fundamental values is vital t allow these core values to influence processes and plans and be upheld by all members of the team.

Values influence strategy and strategy influences how things get done. ‘Things’ like resourcing plans, areas of training and development, recruitment, induction, performance management and succession planning.

To drill down to what these fundamental corporate values are – as opposed to the generic values that we’re so used to hearing thrown about like buzz words – requires talent and knowing the right questions to ask to tease this information out of your team members.

If you would like to find out if HR outsourcing could be right for you, call our HR consulting Perth specialists today on (08) 6188 7502 for a no-obligation consultation.