Performance Appraisal Software Setup & Management

Performance Evaluation Systems

While having face to face staff performance appraisals are an integral part of effectively managing the dynamic of your team, human resource management systems like appraisal software, can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of staff performance reviews within a business by:

Increasing the frequency of feedback

From meetings in and out of the office to conferences and training sessions, employers and managers are finding it more difficult to provide frequent and direct feedback to their team members exactly when the opportunity strikes. This is where performance evaluations systems make it easier for managers and employers to send feedback to team members from any location at any time. This gives employers greater flexibility, which can work towards promoting more frequent reviews.

Reduce the stigma around appraisals

Even today performance appraisals can be met with a slight sense of dread by all team members, a large proportion of which is due to the weight of annual reviews as well as the time it takes in order to compile them. When feedback is given with greater frequency thanks to performance evaluations systems, and simply for the purpose of letting individuals know what aspects of performance are strong and which aspects could be improved, reviews may be viewed in a more positive light by all parties.

More accurate appraisals

When individual performance appraisals are filled out on the spot at one period of time, managers may be biased based on the most recent events that they can recall and they can fail to take past performance factors into consideration. Performance evaluation systems allow managers to keep a running log of notes that can tell a story about the team members progress over a specific period of time, making the appraisal much more accurate.

Identify areas of training and development

With the more complete view of a team members strengths and weakness that are offered by performance evaluation systems, employers and HR professionals are able to better assess the team members training and development needs. By providing additional training opportunities to team members, staff retention can be improved.

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