Performance Appraisal Meetings

Performance Management Meetings

One component of performance management is performance appraisals, which are an integral component of evaluating team member performance and identifying opportunities for further development. While you may know a bit about why your business should conduct performance appraisals (internal link to Staff Performance Reviews page), have you thought about the actual sit down, face to face meetings with your team members? How often these meetings should happen or how to get the ball rolling?

Once your business has recruited a job candidate, the HR responsibilities do not stop there. To ensure that the individual is performing in line with company standards, continuous and frequent performance management and feedback provided throughout a 3 month probation period is what we provide here at Coaching Combinations.

Here are the core components that your performance management meetings should include:

  • Sufficient time prior to the meeting for team members, managers and HR professionals to prepare.
  • Allotment of enough time to conduct a productive session, without having to rush or disrupt conversational flow.
  • Recognition that the goal of the performance management meeting is not just to review the formal, written appraisal with the individual but also to engage in a two-way dialogue in order to produce outcomes that benefit both the individual and the company.

To design an effective performance appraisal meeting structure, as a business leader it is important to determine what the message you want the particular team member to leave with is. Does the individual need further training in specific areas? Would you like to see an increase in communication? Has a performance issue arisen that you need to address?

Here at Coaching Combinations our recruitment professionals can help you to design and to carry out effective performance management, which includes performance appraisal meetings, to help you answer all of those questions and more. We can also provide your business with the ongoing tools during probation and post probation to nurture a high performing team. Get in contact with Coaching Combinations on (08) 6188 7502 to find out more about performance management HR services and their benefits.