PPPPPPP- Think about the 7 P’s to ensure results in HR

The number of times that I hear that companies are hiring an office manager or a practice manager who will just miraculously be able to fulfil the roles of an accountant, a book keeper, successful people manager, administration manager and an HR manager all in one, never ceases to amaze me.

Finance and admin can go hand in hand, although not always. People management may go hand in hand with any other of them but in my experience; sometimes not very well. HR hardly every matches with any of these roles.

In fact; HR in itself is a such a broad field in its own right that finding someone who is a true generalist and can genuinely fulfil an entire HR role is challenging.

Trying to find all of those roles in the one person is near on impossible.

The reason for this is that the skills levels and attributes required for HR is entirely different to that of a finance person and can certainly be very different to the skills of a true people manager. So what is it that companies need to do here?

1. Getting very clear on what is needed from an achievement point of view is essential before deciding on the roles needed.

  • JD’s can help with this. Managers and business owners must get detailed and specific on the expected outcomes of having a particular role in place. It’s essential to come away from a vague idea about what the role is supposed to be responsible for but even more importantly, what the expected benefits to the company as well as the individual in the role if it’s performed at a high level?
  • This is simpler with specific roles such as a sales based role. It’s quite clear what sales are meant to be achieving. This is not always the case with less billable roles. Particularly something like practice management or office management type roles. If companies try to get their people to be everything to everyone, they tend to end up with a familiar and unhelpful result. The person in roles such as these, ends up being nothing to no one.


2. If companies are trying to wrap several roles into one; they must be careful that they end up with the right skills set to ensure they can achieve what’s required.

  • HR is a specialised function which can be done either very well or very poorly. HR when carried out correctly can save companies bucket loads of money and in fact, increase profit margins significantly. This only occurs if the HR professional is experienced in certain areas.
  • Getting clear on where the GAPS are in the company is essential. Not all HR people can do all aspects of HR… Many HR people are not experienced coaches and managers; some are. Be clear about what skills the company actually needs. HR professionals can seriously make a difference to motivation levels of individuals, teams and managers. They can make a huge difference to the skills sets of teams which equals $$$$


3. Sit down and do a GAPS analysis when deciding the roles that the company needs so that a quick fix does not turn into a wasted activity.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

  • I see this all the time and it’s frustrating to say the least. Companies end up spending more money to get the quick fixes right than they would have if they had practiced PROPER PRIOR PLANNING so that the PRODUCTON of PISS POOR PERFORMANCE does NOT occur!

Understand that getting HR right is not easy and cannot be achieved by placing stop gaps into roles and hoping that it all works out. There is a reason why I don’t do my accounting or my book keeping. I have nothing to do with the SEO on my website either. I am not an expert in these areas and I want experts working on my business…..

My area is Human Resources and I am specific about which areas I am particularly skilled in…. Think about this looking to fill roles which may require true HR.