Recruitment Support

Recruitment process design and implementation

Attracting and retaining the right staff is critical because getting it wrong is an expensive exercise, sometimes costing businesses 1.5 times the original annual salary should a new hire leave within the first six months of employment.

Having a robust and efficient recruitment process is essential to avoid wasting money in replacing staff. Coaching Combinations can design and implement a full recruitment process for any business which covers the training of all hiring managers on how to use the process effectively and to also avoid discrimination and EEO issues in the workplace.

Being seen as an efficient employer of choice is essential for any size business in today’s tight employment market. We can show businesses how to carry out all of their hiring needs efficiently and legally.

Interview techniques for hiring managers

Managers are well versed at managing business but people management can be an altogether different skill set. Are your managers trained in interview techniques for hiring their peers? Or are they judging and assessing based on past experience, not necessarily future triumphs, when choosing a new staff member?  FACT: if a new hire leaves within the first 6 months then the cost to replace them can be as much as 1.5 times the original annual salary!

We can help hiring managers to interview effectively to minimise risk for businesses.

Job advertisement writing skills

The best candidates start with the best job ads. Businesses need to know how to capture and entice key staff to their organisation. We can show you where to advertise and how to make your ads stand out.

We can also discuss how to look at alternatives to writing job ads and still attract fabulous people. Have a chat to us today to discuss what your business needs in way of people and their skill sets.

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