HR Recruitment

Recruit for less but get much more

At Coaching Combinations, we believe in a reasonable fee for lots of support, rather than a low fee where you do it all and end up re-recruiting! Traditional recruitment agencies charge exorbitant rates to find you the right talent, and unless you have the time to do it yourself they were your only option. It is our mission to provide Perth businesses of all sizes an affordable and flexible recruitment service.

We provide the reassurance that you will obtain a great candidate the first time, and get on-demand support in managing their performance to increase results.

Recruiters generally charge between 15-20% for advertising, interviewing and reference checking. We charge just 12.5%, for which the following is included:

  • Job descriptions that truly measure performance
  • Robust performance appraisal documents linked directly to job descriptions
  • Conducting effective STAR interviews
  • Reference checking/psychometric testing
  • Administrating & facilitating the entire process
  • Performance appraisal meetings run by us to get the best out of your new recruit for the first 3 months

The stages of recruitment

Recruiting comes in two stages: Job offer and acceptance, and the probation period. No other recruitment consultants follow through to the second phase of recruitment to ensure that the recruit’s performance is up to speed during the probation period.

Personalised recruitment processes

If you are a business operating in an industry with a naturally high turnover rate, it may be more cost-effective to have a recruitment consultant design and implement a full recruitment process for you. Our recruitment plans cover the following:

  • Establishing effective recruitment strategies
  • Guidance documents for managers and HR personnel
  • Support services and performance appraisals
  • Initial training for all hiring managers on how to use the improved recruitment process effectively