Reference Checks

Reference Checking Agency

Conducting an effective reference check can be one of the most important parts in the HR recruitment process since it is typically one of the only parts of the process that actually involves people other than the job candidate. While you may be amazed by a potential candidate after reading their application or even after the first interview, no HR recruitment professional lets reference checking slip through the cracks.

Reference checking ensures that your business finds the most qualified individual for the specific job role as well as the candidate who is the ideal cultural fit for your company. By conducting effective reference checks, your business can avoid the costs associated with failed probation periods and/or poor employee performance, which can impact your clients and the reputation of your business.

Asking the Right Questions

There is more to reference checking than ensuring that a job candidate came to work on time and took the specific amount of time for their lunch breaks, though those are important aspects too.

Reference checking is about asking the right questions, within the legal requirements of the fair work and equal employment opportunity guidelines. That is, those questions that can provide insight into how a particular job candidates past performance can influence their future performance in the role that they are applying for. Be sure to ask open ended questions, to look out for neutral responses and things that aren’t being said, and above all else, make sure that your questions are tailored to your company.

As a reference checking agency we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the process easier for the referees and where the candidate takes more accountability too!

To objectively evaluate whether a potential team member is the right fit for your company, contact us at Coaching Combinations on (08) 6188 7502. Our HR recruitment professionals can advise you on the legal requirements pertaining to reference checking as well as how to identify the right questions to ask so that you can effectively evaluate a potential job candidate.