Staff Appraisals

What is a Staff Appraisal?

A staff appraisal should not be confused with the performance management of staff from a negative perspective. Many businesses have said to us over the years that they have no need for staff performance appraisals as their staff are doing fine. This is all the more reason to conduct them. Loyalty of employees to companies is diminishing. Businesses who spend constructive time, formally appraising in a positive and constructive manner have far lower turnover rates and keep their best people when other businesses are losing their staff to the highest bidders.

It’s human nature to have an innate desire to be praised and given air time, so locking in time each month to conduct reviews is important. It need not be a lengthy process to be effective but it must be consistent.

Employee Performance Appraisals: What is involved?

Coaching Combinations can provide you with a robust set of staff appraisal documents designed to suit your business for monthly, casual one-to-one sessions as well as 6 and 12 month formal performance appraisals. The key is for staff appraisals to contain stretch targets for employees to aim towards, which will assist with both motivation for the employee and productivity for the business. Obtaining feedback from your employees is also a critical component.

An important tip to remember is that whilst the overall aim of staff appraisals is positive, they do provide support for performance management processes, if your staff member is not performing or behaving in line with the policies and procedures or expectations of the business.

A good 12 month performance appraisal should also cover career development for employees. Coaching Combinations can assist with designing documents that cater for this important aspect of staffing retention in easy to understand and cost effective formats.