Staff Performance Reviews

Individual Performance Reviews

Conducting regular staff performance reviews are a constructive way for employers to evaluate the contributions that team members make to their businesses. But the traditional practice of sitting down for one-on-ones every 6 months just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially considering how finding and retaining high performing staff is becoming more of a challenge for businesses. Today, staff performance reviews are no longer about bringing up all of the outstanding and possibly outdated issues that have occurred throughout the year that have been ‘saved’ for the review.

Many managers find it difficult to step away from the daily operational tasks of their business in order to adequately evaluate performance of their staff. While finding the time can be tricky, reviewing performance can help to improve the way your business runs and build a strong and effective team, which reduces staff turnover and recruiting costs in the long run.

Benefits of formal performance management every 6 to 12 months, in addition to establishing channels for open and immediate feedback include:

  • identify performance issues early before they impact the business
  • provide feedback
  • build skills and confidence
  • set clear performance measures
  • keep your team members motivated and accountable
  • reduce the commonly felt sense of dread or feelings of being forced to provide feedback when it’s time for those formal, yearly performance appraisals

Providing links between performance, company initiatives and strategic planning goals will make consistent and regular ‘appraisal’ outside of the formal reviews far less forced.

Performance reviews ARE NOT where you bring up all the outstanding issues that have occurred throughout the year that have been ‘saved’ for the review.
As your business and staff grows, your goals as a company will change as well. If you need help aligning your staff performance reviews to the overarching objectives of your business, contact Coaching Combinations on (08) 6188 7502. We will work with you and your business to develop a methodology for conducting staff performance reviews that will help you to build a strong and effective team.