Conducting Effective STAR Interviews (Behavioural Based Interviewing)

STAR Interviews

There are countless types of interview techniques, from the free flowing and unstructured to the formal and tightly controlled, but one interview technique that can help your business to recruit the right candidate for the job, the first time around, is the STAR interview.

STAR interviews are a type of behaviour or competency based interview whose questions are designed specifically around the core competencies that a job role requires of potential candidates. STAR interviews are based on HR research which has shown that how job candidates have “behaved” in certain workplace situations in the past, will give clues on how that candidate will behave in similar situations in the future.

Here are the components of the STAR Interview that Coaching Combinations recruitment consultants can help you to conduct:


Here a HR professional will attempt to elicit information from a potential job candidate about a specific situation in which the candidate was faced with a particular workplace challenge or issue.


The interviewer will then be looking for what the job candidate was looking to achieve from that situation.


Based on what the candidate’s objective was, the HR professional will ask the candidate about the specific actions they took in reaching those objectives.


And finally what the outcome of the situation was, not only was the initial issue or challenge solved, but what the candidate learned from the experience will be identified here.

STAR interviews are a great technique not only for guiding the interview process and ensuring that all key job requirements are met, they also assess whether a potential job candidate is a cultural fit for your business by unearthing behaviour.

Here at Coaching Combinations the job interview is an essential component of our recruitment consultant service. Please get in touch on (08) 6188 7502 to find out how STAR Interviews can benefit your recruitment needs so that we can find you the right employee for the job, the first time around.