How To Develop Effective Human Resources Policies - Coaching Combinations

How to develop effective human resource policies

One of the first things that, as HR specialists, we always caution our clients is to not fall back onto policies and procedures as a band aid, and the ‘be all and end all’. Managing your HR this way is a bit of a cop out and generally does not address what you’d think it Read more

How to develop job descriptions - Coaching Combinations

How to develop practical job descriptions

There are quite a few schools of thought when it comes to what constitutes a really strong job description. We have been working in the business of producing them for over 20 years and have altered our approach to job descriptions and tweaked the way we do things many times but in essence we have Read more

Benefits of Performance Management - Coaching Combinations

5 business benefits of good performance management

Most people really do not enjoy performance management at all. It’s time-consuming, confronting and awkward. Well, it can be for the vast majority of our clients. To be clear, when we talk about performance management we are not talking about performance appraisals. We are looking at managing the performance of someone who is not delivering Read more

Outsourced HR Perth - Coaching Combinations

Top 10 benefits of outsourcing HR

Obviously we know there are benefits to outsourcing your HR as this is what we do at Coaching Combinations, but we do get asked this question frequently and so decided that we’d be best off asking our clients their thoughts on outsourced HR. This is what we uncovered during our questioning process where we spoke Read more

Managing Difficult Conversations In The Workplace

Managing difficult conversations in the workplace

Poor performance, personality clashes, complaints and redundancies; nobody likes to have difficult conversations. Managing difficult conversations at work can be uncertain territory. To ensure that all parties leave your next delicate meeting feeling good we’ve put together our 5 top tips for managing difficult conversations in the office. Before getting to the tops themselves, one Read more

Performance Review & Appraisal Perth

Top 5 tips to guide employee performance reviews

Employee reviews play a large role in the motivation and development of professional teams. Annual employee reviews are a valuable tool for employers and employees alike with it being a great opportunity to reflect on progress and opportunities in the workplace and individual growth. Every organisation has their own process for performance reviews but the Read more

Avoiding staff management mistakes

5 common mistakes managers make in managing staff

We all would have encountered an array of managers in our time as employees. Whether it was starting out as a check out person in our teens before beginning a professional career, jumping on board with an innovative startup or working our way up the corporate ladder, we can all recount specific attributes of our Read more

How to recruit the right candidate the first time

To engage the ideal candidate for an employment opportunity, HR consultants must assess the skills and experience of the potential employee based on what they have studied, where they have worked and the roles they have held. Good HR Consultants also analyse their personality and spend time looking at individual values. This can be quite Read more

5 Things to Look for in an External HR Consultant

Engaging an external human resources consultant provides tremendous benefits that just cannot occur with hiring and internal employee but it can be a tricky task to get right. Because no national accreditation systems are in place for HR consultants, how do you decide who to hire? It is vital to the effective functioning of your Read more

Innovation should not stop with the service you have for sale but you still need process!

My mantra for this year has been; “I am not interested in what’s probable. I want to look at all possibility; it’s only then that impossibility has a chance of becoming possible!” I spend a lot of my waking hours looking at innovation in the people space of business; determining how businesses can get the Read more