HR Consultant & Career Coaching Testimonials


Andy TPGCoaching Combinations has been working with TPG for nearly 4 years and has transformed our approach to HR. Emma has thoughtfully restructured our systems so they are tailored beautifully to our business, helping us to provide a clearly identified path and future for all who work at TPG, from the newest graduates up to the Directors.

We wholeheartedly recommend Coaching Commendations and their ability to provide meaningful and accountable HR change and solutions for the better

Andy Howe – Director – TPG

Emma has worked with us all at TPG over the past 4 years, and has been a fantastic asset.

Emma has brought a rigour to our processes in a number of ways: our appraisal process is now much more meaningful, for our people as well as our company, in that career development goals are well articulated and link into our overall TPG strategic plan as well as individual’s career paths; this has brought a level of buy-in that we previously lacked.

Jan BurchEmma is also particularly insightful when it comes to interviewing, especially for senior roles, as she is able to tease out of candidates where their real passions lay and therefore whether they will suit the role we’re recruiting for – and, equally, whether the role will suit the candidate.

I am pleased to recommend Emma and Coaching Combinations for the value they add to our business.

Jan Burch – Director/General Manager – TPG WA

Bekkers engaged Emma through Coaching Combinations in April of 2012 and she continues to be a vital part of our team today.

Emma has stood out from all our previous HR engagements because her approach is unique. Her emphasis is placed upon performance, values and importantly increased returns to the business. Emma works predominantly in the SME market and profitability in this business sector is such a key concern, Emma understands this perfectly.

Emma has taken the time to understand our business and has implemented new Job Descriptions, Performance Management and Career Development processes which are tied back to our values and strategy. The changes that Emma has introduced to the business have been immeasurable in value. Our team is more focused, satisfied and profitable. I am satisfied the profitability and overall satisfaction of our team will continue to grow as a direct involvement of Emma’s participation.

Emma thinks outside of the box in an industry that seems confined by norms and this has without a doubt been a significant factor in the improvements implemented by Emma. We have determined that Emma is a highly valued member of our team that we cannot do without. On that note I highly recommend Emma and Coaching Combinations to any business wanting these positive changes.

Jamie Bekkers

Emma was invited into my business to assist with establishment of an HR system, when growing a business you can quickly lose track of your HR obligations and responsibilities, having Emma go through my system I quickly realised how behind I really was, but instead of just pointing out the problem Emma fixed them, this is one of Emma’s strengths, I thank her for all her efforts.

Kris Townend
Owner – Metlabs Australia Pty Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Emma Driscoll for 7 months whist we were employed at the same company. I have worked in my industry for 11 years, and the 7 months I worked with Emma were amongst the most positive and influential I have ever experienced.

When I first started working with Emma, I was lacking in confidence in the ability to perform in my role well. Through her training sessions and overwhelming support, I am now performing highly in my role and have never been more confident in my own abilities.

Throughout her employment with the company Emma provided many training sessions both individually and in group settings (the company has over 100 employees). These training sessions were invaluable to all who attended, with Emma able to motivate and inspire all involved, myself in particular. Emma also provided one on one support and was always more than happy to provide guidance and assistance where needed. Her passion, enthusiasm and motivation in her work is to be admired as she truly wants people to be their best and strives to help them achieve this.

Emma’s support and encouragement is something for which I will be forever grateful. She has taught me that anything is possible and she is someone I truly admire and respect and hope that one day I can have the same, wonderful effect on someone else’s life that she has had on mine. I highly encourage anyone looking to further better themselves personally or better themselves in their careers to use Emma’s services.

Amanda James
Centre Manager – Buggles Childcare

Over the past three years in my capacity as Team Leader of a dynamic and growing team of engineers, I have had the privilege of Emma’s wealth of experience and ability in managing people, developing emerging talent and driving improvement in both individual and overall team performance.  Emma worked closely with me to identify key areas of team development and individual performance enhancement opportunities and she has been instrumental in delivering a framework for the ongoing professional development of individuals in my team that not only benefits the individual, but is strategically aligned with the common performance goals of the business unit and company as a whole.  Emma was the cornerstone of our Human Resources department and she was responsible for a number of team building initiatives and office “ice-breakers” that proved to be so important to a new and emerging organisation as we strived to establish not only our corporate identity, but our intra-office work culture and environment as well.  Emma’s legacy to our organisation is a HR framework that is built on confidence, integrity and communication; and her outstanding efforts and initiatives continue to add value as we grow and evolve.

Matthew Wallace
Senior Safety & Risk Engineer – Bureau Veritas IRC

Emma worked with the Centre Managers in her capacity of HR Manager of Buggles in 2009/2010. Joining the childcare industry was a new experience for Emma and she made it her business to spend as much time out in the centres with us as possible in order to ensure that she had a full understanding of the industry she had joined.

Emma is firm and fair at all times and does not shy away from what needs to be done from a personnel perspective. She was enthusiastic and diligent in her desire to get the centres to be compliant from an HR perspective. Emma has a way with words that make you wish you could bottle them and save them for another day. She just seems to know exactly what to say to staff to ensure that all sides of the story are being told fairly. She manages to find logical and fairly straight forward solutions to things that seem really hard at the time. She has excellent language and communication skills.

Emma was always very supportive of me in my Centre Manager role and I found her approachable and willing to help. She designed and developed many policies and procedures and conducted ongoing training sessions for us so that the implementation side of the HR process was completed as well. She was an excellent coach and mentor, we were all sad to see her go.

I would highly recommend Emma to any business needing HR support in any capacity as she has a well rounded and thorough approach and she has people’s best interests at heart.

Jennifer Marchant
Centre Manager-Buggles Childcare

I have worked with Emma on a number of occasions over the past 7 years. She possesses an excellent attribute to see the big picture of what business and people need to be successful. She is an experienced people manager, Recruitment Consultant as well as an excellent people coach. I would recommend her to the business world and be confident she could deliver on requirements within her field of expertise.

Pauline Gill,
State Manager Key Recruitment

I came to see Emma in the depths of despair almost about what I was going to do with my career. I had never enjoyed what I did and I needed to change this…

I will be forever amazed with the energy and passion that Emma has when she approaches her work. She looks at so many different factors when assessing careers and I realised that there were several areas of my life that I was not happy with…………

I have even managed to lose 6kgs from the things that we covered in our sessions and yes I have a new job and I love it! Thanks Emma

Susie Cotter- Coaching client 2010/2011

“Emma is an amazing consultant – always willing to give anything a go, she is incredibly self motivated, genuinely passionate in the way she injects her positive energy in to every situation, and so quick to truly connect with anyone she meets. She maintains a strategic perspective whilst also making sure that projects are run in the most efficient and effective manner. Destined for greatness, Emma will always prove herself successful. Anyone who has the chance to work with Emma is certainly privileged to be working with a fantastic operator.”

Aimee Readhead – Consultant at Hudson

After only 4 sessions with Emma I was offered 2 jobs that I really wanted, after nearly 5 months of searching.  I have really enjoyed our sessions, they have challenged me & made me question some things…but then that was the whole idea.  I loved the use of the Angel Cards & found our session on salary negotiation and then one specifically preparing for an interview super useful.  I feel I have already benefited a lot from working with Emma & know I still have a long way to go.


Emma is an outstanding HR professional; she has excellent consultancy skills and we can always rely on her to deliver high quality work.

We were looking for a flexible approach to HR support which we are able to obtain through the use of Coaching Combinations services. One of the things I was most impressed with was the fact that Emma took the time to learn about our business and therefore offer us a package of HR support that met with our needs as a company, and she was also willing and able to adapt her services as our needs changed. I am happy to recommend Emma’s services as I am sure she will provide an equally excellent standard of service to other companies as well.

Alan Young
Service Delivery Manager – Bekkers

Below is a testimonial for Emma Driscoll who runs Coaching Combinations.

Over the past year I’ve watched her assist employers get the systems designed and implemented around their Human Resources. Emma acts as your external HR consultant and can assist you with so much more than just Recruiting.

Her area of specialisation includes bringing out the best of your employees and getting them on the right page and heading in the same direction as management.

The biggest weapon that she has for doing this is the Performance Appraisal and if you link this to the Job Description and the KPI’s then you can turn any business around.

So if you are experiencing a lack of Deliverable Outcomes from your employees and want them more engaged, call Emma.

Jeff Miles
The Business Doctor