Top 10 benefits of outsourcing HR

Obviously we know there are benefits to outsourcing your HR as this is what we do at Coaching Combinations, but we do get asked this question frequently and so decided that we’d be best off asking our clients their thoughts on outsourced HR.

This is what we uncovered during our questioning process where we spoke to a range of our clients from new, larger companies to long-term organisations we work alongside.

  1. The top reason was definitely to get expert advice and support for HR due to a lack of skills internally without having to employ a full-time team member. Companies that engage with us get HR consultants with 15-20 years of experience in HR at a senior level; someone that would be very expensive to have on board as part of a full-time team.
  2. Cost saving was part of it. Not having to pay a full-time salary, super and insurances, etc. is appealing to businesses. We also save time for our clients and focus individual attention increased profitability and efficiency which also save money!
  3. The fact that we are a non-biased opinion is very appealing to our clients. We can really see all sides of a situation to give the best possible HR advice and recommendations to solve issues.
  4. We work in several industries with different companies, meaning that we have a wider view of trends, what works well and what strategies to avoid. We have a far larger array of case studies at our disposal than internal HR managers do by the nature of what we do as HR consultants.
  5. We free up our clients to focus on what they do best. In fact, the highest value that we have as a business is to ‘get expert advice to give expert advice’. This is essential for all companies to practice. We are not experts in accounting, bookkeeping, legalities, SEO or website construction so we outsource those functions to experts. This is what our clients do with us and then they can get on with what they do. We will do the work quicker, better and with far more positive impact every time.
  6. Engaging senior experts by outsourcing HR reduces legal risks relating to staffing and employment. Navigating Fair Work and the IR can be very tricky but we take the burden away from the companies we work with.
  7. Another area that our clients mentioned was the fact that we are slightly removed from a situation and therefore command a higher degree of respect at times. It’s the nature of humans to slightly take advantage of ‘the familiar’. We have excellent working relationships with our clients and become like a part of the team in many ways, however not being employees always keeps us just that little bit separate which is very helpful in HR and the role that we have as advisors and strategists.
  8. We offer a range of outsourced HR services including support and direction for strategic planning with all of our clients, ensuring that all companies we work with have a clear set of goals and direction they are heading in. We then drive career development to support these goals which is hugely beneficial in companies of all sizes.
  9. Outsourcing HR to experts who really know what they are doing increases recruitment success dramatically. The cost of getting recruitment wrong is enormous. Not all HR people are experts in human behaviours which is a strong requirement to get recruitment right. HR consultants who have a combination of the skills and experience that we do make a huge difference in organisations.
  10. Outsourcing HR ensures that companies have up to date technology and advice. Whilst you tend to have one onsite consultant on board, there is an entire team working with that person, all engaged in different industries, working with different clients and specialising in different areas.

At the end of the day, it’s worth doing your due diligence to ensure that what you get with an outsourced HR consultant option is going to fit the culture of the business you have, not just provide you with good HR technical skills. It’s part of what makes us human to work with people we like. Ensure that you feel happy to spend time with your outsourced HR consultant.

A word of advice – Always choose a person who will challenge you just a little. This is where if you have a top notch consultant that you’are engaging you will get the best outcomes for you and your company! Remember, they are the expert in the HR field!

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